why wedding dress is white

by vivian


Why we married must wear  white wedding?it is like why Chinese women married need to wear Red like a prospective.
Wearing wedding daress is tradition of western. Putting on it represents Holy and flawless,also represents bright in the future.
During the modern wedding,white becomes the most important part.
Whatever contry,beside has their own tradition wedding ,the green all like to chose white wedding .
  Every little girl all have a dream :when I can put on the white wedding dress? And why it is white?
This dates back to Roman times, white is a symbol of festival at that time, after  19th century, Britain's queen Victoria married of that day , put on the first set of white wedding dress, from then on, women marry wear white wedding dress. Before that
  The British royal family to wear wedding dresses have been full of jewelry silver evening dress, plus a fur coat
White wedding dress has a history of more than one hundred and sixty years history, in 1840, queen Victoria will showily traditional costume transformation becomes a brocade dress, deserve to go up orange on bridal veil, stir the whole world. From 1850 to 1900, white became the symbol of rich. At the beginning of the 20th century, and white represent purity, in a lot of wedding dresses, white became the first choice.
Although different countries chose a white wedding dress,
but the customs of each country is different. In traditional weddings in the United States, for example, the dress will have special requirements, new, old, borrowed and
  The meaning of these four words are very special. New said if the bride's white wedding dress new, moisturizing the bride's veil must be white old old, and is worn by mother white gauze, borrow said the bride's white handkerchief from his companion that borrowed mean, don't forget our friendship, and blue represents four blue bride wearing silk, expressed the attitude of love is loyal.

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