Wedding season :selecting chic dresses for your bridesmaid

by Emma

During the wedding season, in addition to the beautiful bride, equally obliged to bridesmaid at the wedding is also beautiful scenery. How to choose appropriate wedding dress?

In fact, it pays attention to not a few. First of all, on the whole bridesmaid dresses should keep consistent with the bride wedding dress, second, dress to give priority to with simple style, not to upstage the bride. In addition, combining characteristics of bridesmaid's own figure, temperament, unique bridesmaid dresses for your bridesmaids to choose!

Fluffy texture is very sophisticated, lovely wedding dinner is nifty, fluffy texture and lovely dripping wet all show will be the maid of honor.

Of match well of Chinese and western model of western design with festival red, do not have lasting appeal. The waist jewelry, belt, lifting frame.

Performance want to mature charm choice of mature charm, this one is of choice, regardless of color or clipping has fragrant incense.

Pure and fresh and little sex appeal gives fully in the upper part of the irregular pinch pleat and decorative lines increase chest fullness, capable of black more sexy look.

Expensive gas is tonal reflect connotation have hang down feeling material highlights body line, pure white naturally expensive gas, without too much decoration.

Type to the starting point for designing three-dimensional diagrams and design, in order to make a figure appear vertical line tension and graceful. Half moon butterfly ornaments made noble atmosphere.

Sea charm is tonal, slight creases pendulum make blue dress has water flowing and mysterious atmosphere.

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