Wedding mother dress choices

by orville

Mother dress selection point one for choosing a wedding: wedding form

Wedding dress style depends on the positioning of a large part of her mother's personal preferences, which of course includes new season of weddings and wedding theme-specific factors, but mainly to follow the wedding style to choose.

Western-style wedding

It is more suitable for some piece of her mother's skirt or dress is more professional, more attention when wearing decent. Color selection is more abundant, black, and purple and other colors can be noble choice. Too flowing fabrics make she look less solemn, so as little as possible choices.

Wedding mother dress selection point two: the mother figure

Understand the mother's body, helping mom mother choosing a wedding dress is also very important. Different body type, proper clothing in the backdrop, you can youthful luster. If you choose incorrectly, the opposite effect is likely to occur.

Stature Skinny

You can choose simple elegant evening dress, style not too exposed, fit waist cut to outline stature. Chest, shoulders at the fold treatment can make themselves look fuller, Skinny skirt can bring the leg lines.

Rounded body type

You can choose some of the narrow width of the skirt, high waist body style can correct the deficiencies. Wear a number of accessories such as necklaces and bracelets, can effectively disperse the attention of others on the body.

Rugged tall

May choose knee dress, sleeve, sleeves can cover a fifth of the fat arm, a pair of gold or semi-nude-colored high-heeled shoes can significantly legs.

Wedding mother dress selection point three: Color

Married so festive scenes, of course, also the color of clothing some bright, some festive, red, purple, orange is a good choice. Dark lines generally not are considered. Classic colors such as beige, gold, purple are ideal for moms of all ages, highlighting the mother's dignified and graceful. But be sure not to choose too bright colors or large patterns clothes. If the dress darker, it may select accessories at festive rosy red.

But the color choice or decision depends on the individual's skin to white skin is wild, if the skin is yellowish, then we would choose a relatively darker color, after all, for their own is the most important.

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