Wedding dresses make fat bride thinne

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    Wedding dresses allows the bride to become thin, you may not believe that this can be tricky Oh, how to choose make fat wedding bride becomes the arm slender, Ying Ying small waist?

    First, we determined from the texture and shape of your wedding features

    stiffer texture wedding be appropriate if too soft close of the wedding will be exposed to the physical limitations of the bride Oh. In addition, the design of the wedding to choose a relatively simple waist and skirt style, be sure to avoid the complexity of the design, the best straight lines cut, with lace design will make you look more slender.

    Sure you want to modification, such as arm and shoulder

    fat brides want modified arm and shoulder wedding be sure to choose a font that block the effect of fat on arm, shoulder meat and can be modified, in addition, high waist The design can make the fat on the waist hidden in the proportion of elongated upper body, vertical skirt design also allows the body to highlight the line, do not choose Bra, halter and a short section of wedding.

    How to decorate your waist

    high waist wedding is undoubtedly the best choice for you fat brides, high waist, the waist falling meat can be hidden under the skirt. If it is not too much fat on the waist of the bride, can choose waist lines decorated wedding dress, you can play in the visual effect reduce obesity, obese at the use of lines stretched, so significant is not there so fat.

    Can not be ignored veil, to make full use of the veil

    veil, but fat bride a secret weapon, a long section of the veil is a clever cover a little fat upper body is very smart with. Length just to the shoulder or longer than shoulder veil If treatment is good stylist can also cover part of the relatively thick shoulders and arms, and the beautiful veil allows the bride is more gentle feeling.

    Modification of the hairstyle

    hairstyle can play the effect of modified face and body, especially long-haired bride, allows natural hair scattered in the shoulder, together with simple furnishings of the head, hair slightly covered shoulder fat, long hair can visually so that a separated shoulder, will not let the chunks of fat to run out of trouble.

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