Wedding Dresses Can Shape Your Body Perfectly

by orville

One of the wedding dress abilities is to shape your body perfectly. One suitable wedding dress will satisfy your body shape than any other clothe.

For brides whose necks are longer:

Turtleneck wedding dresses are your best choices and they are designed for you only. You can choose dresses with higher collars. Avoid wearing dresses with V-neck line, U-neck line or low shoulder straps. Avoid wearing a thin necklace.

On choosing collar type, you only have remember one thing——more rather than less. Do not choose collar types that are too complicated or too tall. Hair styles should be simple and accessories should not be too complicated.

For brides whose necks are shorter

V-neck line ,U-neck line and boat neck are the best choices for you. Although round neckline can presents part of your neckline, your face looks like rounder if you have a round face. In general, it is the same way to deal with double chin——expose more rather than less.
For brides whose breasts are relatively small:

Turtleneck dresses are not very suitable for you. You need some special design. Fabrics that are fluffy will make you have a full figure. Be careful that the accessories should not be too complicated or eye-catching.

For brides whose lower abdomens are prominent:

Too soft fabrics will make your lower abdomen more prominent, while the qualities of satin and A-Line are not skin tight so their forms change as body moves and that will embellish your body shape. However, do not choose dresses with too much lace or accessories. The line of the waist should not be too tight or too complicated. You can use multilayer dress to cover your lower abdomen. Try to make your whole look light, brisk and clean.

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