Veil & Hair styles

by orville

The traditional bridal modeling must ultimately match the veil, can not deny that the first yarn is a magical, first head yarn and wedding must match, followed by the head of the coordination of yarn and hairstyle is very important, how to do the head yarn and hairstyle the perfect combination, on the wedding day even more perfect?

Big wave romantic with lace head yarn

So luxurious hair naturally is to require a single, thin, transparent veil, so that we work with in the hair on the seat lift all see, lace veil style is not only elegant and dignified, and will not grab the limelight romantic big wave, and you can also head lace style with a touch of the exotic.


Fluffy dish made with crown

Each girl has a dream princess, wearing a white silk on the wedding day can be crowned must be the dream of all girls, if you want to wear the crown queen gas field, then the hair and veil with it is extremely important, want the best choice to wear the crown plate made solemn fluffy dish made the best choice, do not be too exaggerated crown, exquisite crown in fluffy dish made in order to show the extravagance, veil should choose a simple classic style , long tail head yarn can definitely be the princess of the gas field off the head.

Short hair with a veil hollow

Short hair bride head yarn may wish to consider doing more modern, filled with hollow design veil sexy atmosphere, and short hair styling is relatively small, with hollow veil with a large flower on a headdress, absolutely can quickly to attract everyone's attention.

With concealed spiral bun head yarn

You can cover the face veil covering the bride looming, with a kind of still holds partly concealed the mysterious beauty, and spiral plate made also very traditional and exquisite, with the cover face veil, giving a traditional and classical beauty.


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