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As nowadays people opt for trendy and fun sun beach weddings rather than sticking to the traditional ones, the ideas for bridal cakes have also undergone a transformation. A wedding cake decorated in the beach theme motif serves as the perfect highlight for a beach wedding theme. So although you may have the found the perfect tropical wedding flowers, picked up the best beach themed invitations and selected the prettiest beach bridal dress, without the beach wedding cakes your beach nuptials and reception would be rather incomplete. Here are some ideas for the perfect beach theme wedding cakes for you.


You can select from a range of underwater themes such as seashells, sea life and even fresh tropical flowers. Here is a selection of the best beach cakes themes for your wedding.


Seashells: One of the favorite and most commonly chosen cake designs for weddings are ones that include seashells either as the key element or as accents to the original design. The motifs can be created from marzipans, icing, and molded chocolates or simply from other candies. You can team up your seashells with other underwater creatures such as colorful sea urchins, coral and fish. Complete your ocean floor look by scattering white chocolate shells, sand dollars and starfish on each of the cake tiers.


Tropical Flowers: Tropical and bright flowers are stunning design elements that can transform the drab boring three tiered wedding cakes into a fun beach wedding cake. You can either opt for fresh flowers or have edible ones made from icing or gum paste. Decorated as bouquets, elegant cake edgings or as cascades, flowers add a touch of beauty to any wedding cake. Although fresh orchids do look beautiful and also add a tropical touch to the cake, they can wilt when kept out for a longer time. Instead ask the baker to create island style blooms of hibiscus and edible palm leaves created from fondant or butter cream to decorate the tiers of the cake.


Sandcastle Wedding Cakes: Wedding cakes shaped as sandcastles are a perfect wedding cake for a beach wedding. Made to resemble a natural colored sandcastle, these unusual wedding cakes can be decorated with fun seashells and other sea life accents.


In addition to these wedding cake styles and designs, you could incorporate nautical touches like fondant ropes and anchors. One of my personal favorites was a cake decorated with fondant pearls and with an open oyster as the cake topper.


The Colors

Although most people traditionally stick to white wedding cakes, a beach theme allows you to explore other color options for your cake. The marine cake colors include blue, green and beige to reflect the colors of the sea. Introduce a tropical feel by selecting bright colors such as fuchsia, orange and bright yellow. Maritime such as red, white and navy blue can be used if you have a nautical theme wedding cake.


The Toppers

So you have picked up the perfect design and color for your beach wedding cake. However, your cake is incomplete with a unique wedding cake topper which will help pull the beach wedding look together. Palm trees, dolphins, sailboats, sandcastles, hula dancer figurines, underwater creatures such as starfish and seahorses all work great as cake toppers. For a more personalized look you can opt for seashell photo frames or beach wedding couple figurines in romantic or whimsical designs.


The Flavors

A wedding cake needs to not just look great on the exterior but also taste delicious to the guests. While a chocolate cake might work great, for a beach wedding you might want to consider lighter and less rich flavors. Fun fruit flavors such as coconut, pineapple, lemon orange or a feisty lime may make for great wedding cake flavors. To add a richer taste, opt for rum or liquor as the cake filling.


While picking the ideal cake, keep in mind several things though. Since the wedding is to be held outdoors, you might want to keep in mind that the sun beating down may easily melt the ice creation. You therefore, might want to opt for fondant decorations rather than panache or butter cream which can easily melt. Moreover, have precautions to save your cake from the sea water and sand. The inspiration for beach wedding cakes can be taken from the wedding locations with scenic lighthouses or palm trees. Some people may want to highlight their hobbies such as surfing or boating on their cakes.


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