The wizard of oz, a fairy fittness wedding dress

by Emma

Romantic, soft colors, light, elegant fabrics, deep fragrance wedding, seems like the fog of cloud, bring a pure and fresh, feel hazy dream, make the bride, as high as a fairy snowboarding progresses. Love, is a style of the bride, quickly put on it, the incarnation of his dream, fairy, in the way to your dream wedding wonderland!

Elegant beige, wiping a bosom of aureate embroidery embroidered, with a feeling of mature and elegant. Lightweight gauze stack of short after a long bitter fleabane bitter fleabane skirt, before adding in the elegant and colorful handsome, lively, let the bride instantly incarnation for the mysterious and somewhat in the forest "naughty" little fairy.

Elegant nude chiffon dress, classic bowknot adornment, reflects women's romantic and feminine. Wear it, you are Alice, go to swim in your wedding's wonderland!

Ice cream, pink and white marries out this beautiful wedding dress and one shoulder neckline and flower ornament, make this gown fairy meaning is dye-in-the-wood.

Falbala collarband and concise dress ornament on cherry blossom shape flower bud silk, deep fragrance in the breeze, create a romantic, aesthetic feeling, is well suited for a romantic outdoor wedding in summer.

Fresh falbala adornment chiffon wedding dress and collocation of Bohemian waves full of empty feeling, like a fairyland in a forest, a fairy with a paragraph of wonderful a midsummer night's dream.

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