The wedding must choose the right time

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    The timing of the   choice of wedding time successfully organized for the wedding is very important in the social emphasis on etiquette, Shanghai wedding dress is an indispensable etiquette, good wedding not trust commitment truly handle the etiquette is a need to re-organized in the evening, but according to the situation around the judge. Rome sentence is called as the Romans do, so for different parts of the wedding organized according to local customs.

    In fact, I would like to say a formal wedding is supposed to be held in the evening, just different customs of various places, there is some confusion, constituted in terms of the culture of Chinese characters, the meaning of the words of the marriage is dusk daughters married there is a saying a woman in the sunset change his or her name, we can also be seen from the wedding night, the best wedding company in Suzhou traditional Chinese wedding worship finish Diocese directly into the bridal chamber, the wedding into the office at noon wedding significance is not so big, now generally the time of the wedding ceremony, the city is divided into, Beijing is completed before 12:00 ceremony, Chengdu, Changsha, held a ceremony at about half past twelve, married city at night mainly, Tianjin, the Chaoshan area, in fact, the Chengdu region selection in the evening held a ceremony also more and more newcomers, evening wedding more romantic, more warmth, more in line with the traditional wedding ceremony, but also in the choice of the hotel and The choice of wedding services to avoid a peak of more and better resources to service your wedding.

    hope in the near future, the new people in the choice of ceremony time more standardized, more rationalization, on the one hand, lifted above tangled a lot of new people in their guests during the day to go to work can not attend their wedding this for everyone to convey new The concept of time.

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