The rules of the bride evening dress

by orville

Evening dress is the time after 20:00 in the evening, evening dress style is divided into, two kinds, also known as evening dress, dinner clothes, dance clothes. Often with shawls, coats, cloak clothes match, with beautiful decorative gloves together constitute the whole outfit effect. Classic style and traditional styles, fashion styles ranging from three styles of evening dress styles over time.


Traditional style: upheld that women's slim waist, exaggerated hip skirts sense of weight, shoulder, chest, arm are fully exposed, and leave gorgeous jewelry the performance space. Such as: low neckline design to decoration strong sense of design to highlight the elegant, focus on the use of mosaics, embroidery, pleated collar thin, gorgeous lace, bows, roses, gives a classical, formal dress impression. Traditional evening dress fabric: the night communicative purposes, in order to meet the night of luxury, warm atmosphere, selection of mostly silk fabric, satin flash and some gorgeous, high-grade materials.

Fitting principle:

Body type and evening dress:

The petite - suitable for high waist, yarn surface, waist discount evening dress, proportion of body modification. Rotator cuff design should avoid exaggeration should be avoided too fluffy skirt, pants.

Tall person - natural coat hanger, any style of evening dress can be trying, especially to wrap the body hem fishtail wedding was better show appearance.

  Plump - for straight line cutting, wear more slender. Lace flowers should use a thin flat lace, high collar style is not optional; waist, skirt design should try to avoid complicated.


Skin colour:

White type: can choose the color pink evening dress avoid too thick color of red, black velvet, otherwise significant incongruity of.

Dark healthy type: bright lines can be selected with a healthy image and bring color. Should avoid pink evening dress, otherwise it will be a dark color cover.

Yellowish color: yellowish skin color to be seen as poor color, why not choose the middle of the color of the evening dress. Unless the same good face shape, should generally be avoided to select too complicated evening dress.

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