The origin of the wedding dress

by Emma

When we talk about the wedding dress, it is the most important part of modern wedding culture, any country, in addition to retain their national wedding dress, more and more couples choose a white wedding dress, wedding dress has become the most typical representative of the women there have white gauze dress from my childhood dream. Wedding is around the world since the ancient times is a ritual that, but the history of the bride at the wedding wear wedding dress is less than 200 years.

About the origin of the wedding dress has a good many, but is generally believed that the prototype of the wedding dress should be traced back to 1700 BC ~ 1700 BC in ancient Greece, the three generations of your dynasty aristocratic women wear in the chest, sleeves to the elbow, bosom, waist by the cord under the breast, in bell dress, under the tight fit of the garment as a whole.

Now the bride wore white gauze of mopping the hem of the dress was Catholic ceremony take. Due to some ancient European countries is clerical U.S.A, people get married must go to the church the priest or a pastor's prayer and blessing, in this way can we calculate the formal legal marriage, so the bride wear white ceremony told god sincerity and purity.

Although China's religious belief is different with western countries, most also is not in a church wedding, but the wedding wear wedding dress also has become the custom. Wedding in red is different with China, even in Chinese wedding dress is white is given priority to, white symbolizes purity, although color is plain and neat, is divine romance, a stark contrast with the Chinese wedding. And now, new Chinese wedding, the young man had put western-style white wedding dress as made its debut in important outfit in front of their guests.

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