The door of the bride: the perfect wedding color selection rules

by Administrator

    Wedding color appears to be a single, and when we try only to find that the effect of the difference between a very large, as a wedding dress to wear two different people who, the effect is very different, that is why? In fact, it is a subtle wedding colors because we are born with skin color, hair color, eye color impact, West Man teach you the perfect bride wedding color selection rules.

    Traditional wedding color is generally divided into white, the white, creamy white, off-white, champagne, white, silver white, but white with white in wearing very large impact on the skin, in the choice of when and skin is very Important correspondence relationship. Choose well, that may cause our bare arm, neck and other parts show very good visual impression. How to be the perfect bride, we will face makeup discharge it, come up with a mirror, serious look, and to learn to judge what we should choose the wedding which white tendency.

    If your skin looks more white, more white, delicate, looks very transparent ivory, the color of the hair feeling partial brownish-yellow, brown, presents brownish yellow or brown eyes, eyes bright, light and contrast, then you are in the professional diagnosis of type color type is called "shallow warm colors, it is recommended to choose the white, milky wedding .

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