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by orville

       A variety of festivals coming, no doubt give the opportunity to the women again and again contests. Major Hotel's banquet hall is booked full, waiting to greet the arrival of various years. At this time there will always stop to ask if the dress with the sisters, short and long, different colors, a variety of styles, how to wear? How to match? They are most concerned about the topic.

In fact, the evening dress is not particularly pointed out that the annual meeting of the gorgeous dress to a high-end restaurant, concerts, weddings, business reception, dining, etc., should be in accordance with the terms of the strict etiquette, evening dress to attend. Only evening dress has always been a Western import, want to be familiar with its use also need to learn some more. In particular, some not marked dress code dinner, the best dressed in evening dress to show the great importance. Of course, if the only entertainment lying body is known in advance, and do not dress like Hollywood stars, knee-high dress is enough.

Evening dress fabric choice in the color and texture of everyday dress on the contrary, must be shiny and warm, distinctive, even exaggerated and luxury can not be excessive. Mosaic, embroidery, decoration of various types of lace, flowers, precious stones. Daily loading conservative here all aside, to emphasize the graceful waist, fully expose the shoulder of the most feminine charm, chest, buttocks, and left the show room for expensive jewelry evening dress must be designed.

For young women, evening gowns is undoubtedly the best interpretation of the outspoken and youth, mature women is more suitable to reflect the elegant and dignified long dress, shapely and on the Circuit abundance lady, can wear Tee dress, revealing a beautiful collarbone and full in the chest. If the neck is slender enough, you can choose a v-neck dress, wearing a drape necklace; increase the vertical lines of the neck. If the shoulder remains charming, may wish to add some tassels on the shoulders, both increase vertical lines, you can also block the round shoulders. Want to increase the sense of slender waist, you can choose to increase the v-line dress skirt waist position. Want to increase the sense of slender lower body, can improve the position of the waist, and choose to drape a better long dress skirt. If you already have a slender body, may wish to try to emphasize the waistline and increase the hip line fishtail skirt; better reflect the sexy woman graceful posture. If you want the curve of the chest is particularly evident, select the next obvious chest line lined dress skirt is also good.

The protagonist selected, of course, with appropriate supporting role. Night accessories, of course, none other than the non-diamond, in quiet yellow light against the background of a reflection of colored light. Lines of jewelry and hair accessories and hair lines echoes. If you choose to the exposed toe dress shoes, do not forget hands and feet nail color echoes the best bags, hair accessories.

Dress package, of course, also with one of the key recommendations do not differ too much and the overall style. If the dress rich colors, the bag is best preferably monochrome dress a single color, bags can also choose complementary or contrasting colors, decorate at the waist, to break the monotony of the whole.

Finally, of course, do not forget the exquisite makeup. Then a decent dress, and then gorgeous accessories, perfect detail, are intended to bring each unique face. Emphasis on facial features at any point, should not face, the body is the focus in terms of makeup.





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