Seemingly spent Meng usefulness big wedding elements

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    Some elements of the wedding photos that looks useless, but in essence the effect is always beyond anticipated, such as wedding straight Leng Leng ladder, there do not know why on where the mirror petals touches placed at random, then Let's look at the benefits of these three elements.

The elements one: petals

    Talk dry petals is really very useful things, be used to create a better atmosphere or icing on the cake. This approach is also commonly used Korean wedding photos wedding photo shoot aesthetic sense. Note: shower of petals is the most important tool of the Korean wedding photos to create happiness, the kind of the wedding pay attention instantly capture out of photo effects can best demonstrate the new natural demeanor, the amount of control a good shower of petals is very important , new overhead sprinkle minority can prevent blown new face, the impact of photo effects, contrary to mass around more. Remember not to in order to pursue more photo effects without.

  Elements: stairs

    stairs was a good thing wow, both spiral staircase, or the ordinary ladder, as long as the viewfinder properly, can shoot pretty pictures oh. Note: beat Korean wedding photos on the choice of the stairs is still very important, it is recommended to select compact or simple atmosphere stairs, the choice of the elements on the best brushed stairs and wooden staircase, best reflect the interior wedding photos warm feeling.

  Elements: mirror

    mirror do the props most suitable bride a poser, can also create a different feeling and atmosphere. Shot the bride in the mirror seems to better reflect the gentle temperament of the bride. Note: the choice of the mirror, not very much restricted, as long as the mirror design simple Some, too complicated mirror but got all concerned about the bride's eye, suitable for large mirror shot vision, by comparison, the skill to play bride pendulum pose; small mirror for beat Jin Jing, dressing like the bride, this viewfinder bride only need to take into account the performance of the air can be.

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