Retro Bride clever selection of luxury crown

by orville

Classic Choice

For what kind of bride: introverted, looks moist, tall girl is more suitable for small selection of classic design crown. Such crown itself is relatively subtle; elegant temperament does not snatched the limelight brides.

Crown essential design elements: these crowns attach great importance to the use of pearls. Pearl it is relatively restrained soft, so these also inherited the crown of the head of this temperament. In addition, the width of a narrow crown of the head, in the shape generally do not use exaggerated "mountain" shaped design, but not prominent central to the design of soft ring main.

And what kind of wedding style: classic elegance for the continuation of the overall, long trailing wedding dress is best not to select the style. Small area with fine embroidery and pearl wedding decoration can be considered optional satin wedding dress fabric with pearls of light echoes.

Grand choice

For what kind of bride: If you like individuality and always scolds, advocating overweening "strong woman"; if your temperament is very atmospheric, extrovert and cheerful; wedding if you want to become the absolute visual focus, then this kind of grand design crown is for you. Of course, you need to be very tall, but not too thin.

Crown essential design elements: a grand type of wedding crowns very presence, to achieve this sense of presence, the first requirement in the selection of gemstones and diamonds can not be too fine - atmospheric design is inseparable from large particles gem. In addition, the central symmetrical design ensures the stability of such Crown sense. The width of 7 cm above is also necessary.

And what kind of wedding with: crown of the head so grand and adequate course matched with luxurious wedding dress, wedding dress design simple absolute abandon. Big skirt and long tail are essential, otherwise easy to give top-heavy impression.

Gorgeous Choice

For what kind of bride: tall, small, introverted, looks elegant, tall and lean are not suitable bride gorgeous shaped crown, only those relatively plump figure, feminine, charming temperament without losing the atmosphere of female talent and so gorgeous crown of the head echoes.

Crown essential design elements: Ornate crown on the material type with bright diamonds as the main body, with countless dazzling diamond rendering gorgeous atmosphere. Shape is usually to highlight the central "mountain" shape designed mainly width not less than 3 cm.

And what kind of wedding dress collocation: Multiple large skirt gauze fabric itself is not only a grand wedding, but also the effect of matte and shiny crown of the head in contrast, highlighting the bright gorgeous crown of the head. Bra-style wedding dress strapless and visually in the bride's neck at the appropriate blank, the overall balance of Chinese beauty.

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