put on wedding adree to be the most beautiful bride

by vivian


How to let I met you in my most beautiful moment." I think a lot of women had been in such beautiful dreams. "In the wilderness of time, no early , no later , oh! you are here, too." When looking for finally became reality, god let you heavily tested came to each other's side, that is oneself this lifetime want to cherish each other, is the harvest time for love. According to Chinese tradition, autumn winter season is not only the harvest season, and often it was the season of harvest love, DaBan an occasion. When you wear the most suitable for your beautiful dress, put both hands on the other hand, the number of people were moved by your happiness. 

the first one  :Frivolous la ce on the layered drape present a romantic and elegant to the extreme, the above dotted with patches of flowers, bright and elegant. Big lace bowknot is lovely. Close the draw string waist design on the back is bind belt type, create the elegant palace breath, wiping a bosom of flower type has exquisite embroidery, luxury and charming.

 tulip color elegant and showily, use on the wedding dress does not have lasting appeal. This dress the upper body design is particularly attractive, cascading the fold wrapped chest part as a flower in bud, after receiving a small of the back of S type is two pieces of lotus leaf hem, romantic middle add a delicate bowknot, look so beautiful, nice and multi-layer fold big skirt, the whole palace wind full of romance.

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