Pure and romantic white wedding dress

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    The white generally a symbol of pure and romantic love. Wedding using white wedding dress can bring out the innocence of love between the couple. Modern white wedding dress are generally refers to the groom wearing a white suit, and the bride is wearing a white wedding dress.

    Several requests for a white wedding dress: white is a relatively clean color shoes to choose should be white or silver and gold. For the bride wear a wedding dress should show people the image of the sun holy, white shoes with a white wedding dress is the most common and most classic match. Shoes with similar, there are a lot of brides wear a wedding dress red underwear, so that there is the issue of incoherence, may also be difficult to match with the wedding, there does not fit, exposed embarrassing situation. The bride wore a white wedding dress should be the most beautiful, but this beauty can not be too bright, should be fresh and elegant, noble and pure kind of beauty. This bridal make-up of makeup, the kind of lady makeup. Bride's gloves, head yarn accessories should be with the wedding, the wedding atmosphere as far as possible consistent with the conventional choice is the choice of white, simple shapes to match. So as to achieve an overall effect of beauty.

    Speaking of solid color wedding dress white wedding dress choice: that horses can be traced back to Queen Elizabeth the first moment of the body wrapped in a white wedding dress for the wedding. Because of its traditional and classic, modern and innovative ideas of young brides seeking alternative seems, can not help but seem to lack of new ideas, slightly legalistic. The new white dress docile in color, seems to fit in the cozy atmosphere, showing the bride and gentle and subtle temperament, but also very suitable choice to replace a single choice for a white wedding dress. In a white wedding dress, white rice almost match, and a variety of colors and material free combination to create different styles of wedding dress. Therefore a good choice for the Oriental woman.

    A white wedding dress design, in order to better visual fit perfectly blend with the skin, so that every bride can be perfect to show their beautiful figure. Is generally applied to a number of specialized design, so not only can increase comfort, but also can be the perfect fit

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