Psychedelic charming fashion wedding dress

by Emma

Numerous attractive elements of the wedding dress: fashion, British style restoring ancient ways, folding process, diamond-encrusted veil... They let the bride.

NO. 1 new connotation of British style is concise and satin

London, the trend of fashion is always make us refreshing, naturally cool feeling, using simple materials and fabrics, by cutting profile in deeply artistic temperament! Thin chiffon, through the simple design, show a wedding dress overall smooth feeling, look graceful shoulder naturally leads. Silky and shiny silk adornment crisscross, the luster of the different texture enriched visual. Skirt on with pale pink blossoms, when walking, dancing lightly, create a romantic wedding.

NO. 2 bright is dazzing set auger veil

Set auger lace wedding dress is very elegant, layered white yarn, natural elements such as fold, the lace is to use. Excelsior lace process be rendered into forms of flowers, made a perfect combination with silk and organza, collision of dazzle beautiful gorgeous feeling. V-neck design shape properly give the bride's chest tightening girth in proper position and fluent modelling and luxuriant adornment of the dress itself is already let the bride touching mingyan, cooperate with simple atmospheric model is the best.

NO. 3 fold process create exquisite shape

Fold is always has the rich language design elements, it will make people think up a series of wonderful things, such as ripples, the slowly moving corrugated; So it makes a woman more amorous feelings, for many years for the designers of the wide variations in T stage and new products. Wedding dress in this season fold out romantic only beautiful amorous feelings, absolutely let you become the focus of the most beautiful. Large areas of hard yarn drape, feel beautiful with gorgeous feeling, whereas random fold represents the popularity of the new century. Both skirt and appear as accessories in the wrist and collar, immediately make the clothes suddenly appear three-dimensional and planar jumps.

NO. 4 retro fashion moisture regain full of dream feeling

Lighter, but splendid peng skirt wedding dress usually brings both cute and lavish visual effect. With imperial color of wedding dress is full of amorous feelings restoring ancient ways of heavy and complicated. Light silk and lace, plus flow folds, will the trappings of luxury beauty combined with modern diverse fashion elements, showing the romantic and colorful style. Wearing it coruscate gives the gorgeous and elegant temperament of restoring ancient ways is the bride, and multi-level clipping shows the bride are attractive and sexy gorgeous fashion side.

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