Perfect evening party dress collocation

by Emma

As the weather turns cool, our party season is coming. Beautiful dress, extravagantIng parties and elegant accessories. So which one is the most suitable for your dress?How do you choose it?

PART 1 candy color dress is contracted.

The recent popularity of "candy" dress adornment feels very chic, choose warm color stripe dress, not only shows the youth breath, it won't make you look too casual. With Orange lipstick collocation, will give you a sweet degree rise and stylish, ponytail is young girl of choice!

Closing under the waist skirt, a noble temperament fascinating, full of magic

PART 2 classic "little black dress" wearing details

If too late to pick style chic dress, buy only get simply cannot again simple style - black, open collar, sleeveless, simple implicit, never out of style. Catching eyeball with delicate details again. Delicate metallic belt, can not only modify the shape more highlights the point.

Black dress has always been synonymous with sex appeal, but also a lot of places won't go wrong choice, collisions with chiffon design, in addition to sexy also brought a demon spirit's beauty.

Two-piece type design makes the lithe and graceful figure foil in black cultivate one's morality dress, showing beauty of your figure..

PART 3 high white bright dress

Gentle and elegant snow spins condole belt dress and hair style collocation, intellectual elegant little woman. Fascinating, full of magic.

The white dress, elegant and noble temperament, symbol of the female white quality at the same time. White dress usually need bright dot, such ability won't highlights the drab feeling. Short after long before the design can not only show good legs, more can play the role of age !

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