Overturning traditions! Exposure to other essential elements

by Emma

In today's increasingly advocating personality comes under the era of the traditional Chinese wedding and western-style wedding already cannot satisfy the pursuit of the young couples. Here, small make up for the three ideas of today's most popular theme wedding, like pursuing unique and fresh recruits may wish to consult.

Marine wedding: blowing sea breeze, the fresh feeling romantic outdoor amorous feelings

The sea always lets a person longing, hold a Marine theme wedding, chic and fun. When we facing the sea, under the blue sky white clouds, make a lovely starfish, sea shells, conch, sea horse, sand... Become the witness of love. So, on a sea wedding, wedding dress selection has become one of the most important step, choose a blue tail water cultivate one's morality, can let you become the most beautiful mermaid princess.

B the bride makeup look:

Choose good after the wedding dress, take a look at suitable for Marine wedding the bride makeup. Because of space, in the sea in the wedding, the bride makeup more need special attention, durability and protection has become one of the most important two factors.

Hairstyle to dish up, yarn fixed properly, choose concise paragraph of tropical flowers tire reveal Marine amorous feelings

Wedding in the sea, like Kate princess is absolutely won't work a head of elegant tresses, relentless wind can ruin a beautiful shawl hairstyle at any time. Therefore, the bride on the hair also should pay more attention to. A firm go to sea breeze blowing in under the environment of maintain longer, have bangs the bride should also please stylist will bang fixed back, don't be a contracted and delicate tropical flowers again, reveal a romantic amorous feelings of ocean.

Pay attention to prevent bask in, through the thin, pearl glossy look

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