Not just perfect and comfortable fit is also important

by orville

Wedding is not only beautiful, lace and sequins make the bride shine audience, but the incongruity of its lining is easy to make your skin tingling, tight wedding is equally beautiful, but over time will make the bride circulation of blood, resulting in anemia That is to say, how to pick the wedding dress is comfortable and beautiful, every bride will be asked a thousand times "how to choose a wedding dress, but the same every bride has its own set, take a look at the process of beauty contest "comfortable wedding.

1. The dress you wear to feel comfortable, it is very important. Only feel comfortable in order to highlight the confident style. Therefore, do not choose some challenging or difficult to wear dress.

2. Must be clear what kind of wedding you want. Dress size, cut, profile shape, decoration and other elements not only need to weigh the wedding venue, but also consider the time of the wedding, the temperature. The wedding is not only determined by the bride's personal. Summer tulle beaded winter; the need may be due to other factors, not the full law.

3. From a holistic perspective with design. Wedding dress, tiara, bouquet size and the choice of shoes is necessary to consider, of course, even makeup should also be considered. Many brides in the selection of wedding foot up and down the martial arts, but ignored the headdress, crown of the head, as well as other jewelry will seem cumbersome.

4. The need to control the design of the bouquet is too large or too heavy will affect the effect of wedding bouquet. This can look at the Diana, Princess of Wales, and Mariah Carey's wedding bouquet.

5. The length of the skirt is the key. Skirt design to ensure that the shoes will not expose the front seems to be just floating on the ground. Skirt is too long is cumbersome, and may affect the bride walking. Of course, the bride at the wedding is best not to mention a skirt.

6. Makeup is another thing to consider. I'm not obsessed with red lips with white dress, but if you did not draw in their daily lives blue, purple or bright crystal color eye shadow, why not in the wedding day to try it? Painting makeup, do not let yourself look and usually is not the same, the same hairstyle. Sometimes hair stylist too focused on hair styling, hair too cumbersome, too complicated color. Headdress brooch is also essential.

7. I like those walking shoes no sound, both popular models or suitable for wedding shoes, also prefer the tapered toe. The level of the heel can be based on your husband's height.

8. Shooting wedding photos, color photos, of course, black-and-white photographs are also essential, the classic black and white represents a lasting marriage.

9. Wedding should be very careful when wearing. Avoid any colored drink wine, or cosmetics on your wedding.

10. Enjoy the wedding moment. Through the wedding channel, always a bit of urgency, I do not understand that this is too much tension or other reasons. But you have to remember, when guests at the ceremony to see almost all of your back, through the aisle, try to slow down, so that guests see the look on your wedding dress and makeup. 

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