Must bear in mind the principle of the perfect wedding bride

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Every bride wearing a wedding dress in the dream, most perfect wedding day achievements. If you want to be perfect, is not so simple. The principle of the perfect wedding dress, the bride must bear in mind!

Principle 1: to break the mindset to try a variety of styles

Many brides outlined in their dreams the ideal wedding dress styles. However, even if you know what works best for what style of wedding dress, do not let the mindset to limit your choices. May wish to try a variety of wedding dress style or color, perhaps there will be an unexpected effect!

Principle 2: Do not blindly follow the trend for their own most perfect

Prior to the selection of wedding dress, most of the bride will look the wedding clothes Look Book or brand show highlights for inspiration. However, the bride should not blindly follow the trend, impulsivity, only for their own wedding dress is the most perfect.

Principle 3: According to the figure, the venue selected wedding dress


The figure of the bride, wedding venues vary. In order to have the ideal wedding in the dream, it is necessary to select a suitable wedding dress according to the body, site.

As in the high-end luxury hotel ballroom wedding, the thin body bride can select the layering rich, strong sense of three-dimensional lotus leaf princess dress wedding dress to be able to make it, the scene.

Principle 4: the perfect wedding obey good amount of size

Tailor custom wedding dress, size measurement is accurate; it will affect the end of the wearing effect of the wedding dress. Therefore, the best professional dress stylist to help you tailor and best dressed ready to wear your wedding underwear.

Principle 5: try the key to a perfect wedding dress

Try test before the wedding perfect wedding dress, fit the key link, it must not be ignored. How easy it is to get try? Some small details the bride should pay attention to:

1. Wearing wedding day wear to take wedding underwear, easy to see the details of the wedding is affixed to fit the type.

2. Front skirt wedding dress just crossed your marriage toe, but also to try walking, seated, and a show of hands action to ensure your freedom of movement.

Principle 6: stay slim

Have a perfect wedding dress, not only do the preparatory work enough to maintain a good body also required course bride, so as to attain to true self.

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