Most popular bridesmaid dress colors

by orville

For your girlfriends for a bridesmaid, will become his life one of the most memorable moments in such an important moment can not regret, choose a beautiful bridesmaid dress, you are half the battle! Bridesmaid dress colors although not as constrained as the wedding, but choose the right color will make your character more outstanding. Throughout the major brands released in 2013 bridesmaid dresses, soft, sweet colors become big favorite, and this is what most should have as bridesmaids’ temperament, let us count what colors look best able to reflect this gentle, sweet sense of it!

Pastel hues of colors

Has a sense of gentle cream, fresh and elegant colors, or yellowish or reddish colors are faint, people feel very pure. With shiny silk will not be too loud, but because of its subtle sheen and feel very elegant, does not swagger. It is the color of the insurance, after all, is not supposed to grab bridesmaid bride's limelight.

Pink color

Feel very sweet to see a color, especially for young girls slightly lighter, maybe give you a peach blossom oh. Best not to use a glossy silk, will look too bright, and the choice of soft chiffon is very wise. And more elegant chiffon to make three-dimensional flowers or ruffles is not substantially stiff, but even mellower.

Light purple color

Important thing is to light, like a watercolor Refreshing will have the same feeling carried away.

Senior Gray

Do not think that is dark gray shades, in fact, very nice sense of quality senior gray, soft focus is to match fabrics, thin tender will have a sense of beauty, if with more ornate or heavy fabrics will make people look strong, which bridesmaids should not gas field.

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