Maternity wedding dress

by orville

     Expectant mother bride wear a wedding dress in the wedding scene is not uncommon; every bride is a smart choice of wedding, of course, also make their own bodies good cover up, then what

maternity wedding dress allows a pregnant bride look more fair?

A higher waist, lace wedding dress

High waist wedding dress can cover up the bride uplift of the abdomen, and then with layers of lace or organza, make fluffy skirt, pants seem to cover up the changes in the abdomen. If the bride is already in the period of pregnancy to gain weight, color choices have to pay attention, try to avoid pure white wedding dress, beige, champagne, light gold wedding dress is more appropriate.

Two loose Greek wedding

The Greek wedding because there is no waist made ​​wedding dress for pregnant bride are keen. However, this type of wedding bride for early pregnancy stomach just simple Greek wind energy supporting the bride elegant and graceful temperament skirt design can compensate for the pregnant bride figure defects.

Three wedding train to small

Dignified drag-and-luxury big train is not suitable for pregnant brides, wedding dress is the most suitable for the pregnant bride wedding backswing only 10-15 cm in length than the previous, with only a little bit after the drag bride elongated body type can play effect. For expectant mothers, wedding security is the most important small drag can reduce the burden of the pregnant bride, action would be more convenient.

Four waist-oriented design

Pregnant bride should choose simple wedding waist design. Korean version of the wedding dress is a good choice; the Korean version of the wedding dress style is more relaxed, a good cover belly, if fold design wedding can be a good cover belly. To protect the baby, waist wedding is not feasible, because it is detrimental to the baby's growth and development and in appearance is also very embarrassing.

Five oblique with style weaknesses

Pregnant women's breasts become large, this time we should avoid choosing V-neck wedding dress, Bra wedding should choose carefully. At this time, the bride the best selection of oblique with style, so you can cover part of the bride getting sensual shoulder and chest, weaknesses, it is more normal breast shape.

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