Lace new look to overturn the traditional impression

by orville

Lace in the past, the impression has always been a symbol of romance and purity. The elaborate aesthetic style once occupied the forefront of fashion trends. Lace has become the most commonly used elements of romantic women, is soft sweet represented. The ladies trend in the last few quarters began to become tough and neat, soft lace elements will be rarely used. But the trend is there is always renewed resurgence, the lace trend reversal trend in the spring and summer of 2012, just compared to the female warmth of the many designers with a fresh approach to the interpretation of lace, subvert the traditional impression.

Lace first appeared in the United States, is very complex artifacts done manually, once sought after by the nobles, and now we have mentioned "Lace" and more has ever lace appearance through the machine decorative lace. In the early 19th century, the style of the imperial regime women prevailed when lace was widespread rage. Rococo art sweeping Europe, lace fabric is nothing to any extreme. Complicated exaggerated the ultimate aesthetic concepts, let this symbol of aesthetic and sophisticated decor in the manufacture of clothing. Super lace collar and cuffs decorated corner is the details can not be ignored modified characteristics.

Form of lace in the spring and summer of 2012 is no longer a simple decorative embellishment. The soft romantic sense of lightness is one of the feeling expressed laces, but too feminine too gives a sense of vulnerable hypocritical pretensions. Emilio Pucci lace gentle into chic. The white lace Enron quiet in the design of the trousers, become atmospheric neat. Suit jacket and hat, and then with the clean lines of the Italian gentleman retro elegance, there are some tough. Gentleman walking a bit monotonous, so enchanting gypsy girl debut. Sketched out with lace the skull and Spanish specialties pattern usually the only continuous arranged lace pattern, it is full of innovation. The charming enthusiasm into lace aspirations of intent at the moment, lo shi bunt lace jacket is form. Lace in the handling of decorative than practical, many brands put lace as a fabric lay out in the spring and summer of 2012.

Had experience in the design of advanced custom designer Peter Dundas Emilio Pucci design, lace Chiffon constitute new fabrics to create a rich, give full play to the characteristics of light, soft, supplemented with tassels swaying, during which distributed a better self-evident. The same stitching handling also appears in the latest design of Roberto Cavalli, contrast, a more direct expression of Cavalli, drag to chiffon dress to join lace stitching, so that visually a great experience. In addition, dotted lace, sequins and Sparkle Bead let as a whole showed a feeling of luxury and extravagance, black and gold, lace single textured fabrics with endless possibilities. It is worth mentioning, not only the concrete of the design, the lace also became the inspiration of the printing and car line, stiff leather car the same texture lines and lace, and a ferocious attack, femininity and gorgeous leather unfolded.

The traditional lace cascading exquisite clothing have become commonplace in the spring and summer of 2012, many designers in a modern way on the lace subtraction to complete a new design. Prada bear the brunt of the profile shape full of retro 1970s that people pull back to that description cover all the glorious era. Lace elements from the decorative weakening into hollow fabrics, exquisite go but not wantonly lay out in the past publicity, steady low-key and restrained beauty. Alberta Ferretti and Marni are using only the concept of lace, does not use the traditional have piles of entanglement. The effectiveness of the subtraction can turn things simple, this design cumbersome become fresh and pleasant, slender personal version of the type feminine, but not overly feminine.

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