How to match a wedding dress with shawl

by orville

The arrival of autumn, many brides keep warm, married the day he chose for himself a shawl draped wedding shawl is subtle and dignified symbol of women, but also one of the important parts of the wedding, when the wearing style simple wedding, and then catch apiece shawl, natural surroundings to create the bride elegant temperament, also both warm effect.

Shawl material, created by visual, touch will be different, like a shawl made ​​of spun yarn, color, variety, so with sex than the other materials shawl to be more strong. Sequined cloth is the material commonly used to make shawls; printed pattern fabric surface with transparent sequins, shawl color can show a variety of changes with the calico pattern, the overall fabric rather has the texture. Taffeta silk fabric material is gentle, but also has a pearly luster; it is also commonly used as the material of the shawl.

Cotton mixed material shawl cotton-containing ingredients, so the match up exceptionally soft, close, feeling quite comfortable. French satin cape made, due to the double-layer fabric and good texture, can be full of the extravagance of dress set off. Europe through the yarn shawl made ​​of the effect of perspective, so wedding dress with extra feminine.

The most suitable wedding dress with shawl style, better cup with spaghetti straps dress, dress and shawl is best to use homogeneous material, so that the overall mix of better! If the dress style is more complicated, coupled with simple and elegant shawls, to the contrary, if the design is simple and elegant wedding dress, shawl, you can catch the gorgeous style. White silk with texture of a good white, beige shawl, allowing the bride more elegant, and dress with a shawl with a sense of design, on the one hand to keep out the cold, and can lengthen the proportion of the overall body type of the bride.

The petite bride shawl for pink and strong sense of texture, body type tall bride is suitable for re-color and soft material shawl.

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