How to make the short hair bride wedding photos strategy to be a

by Emma

Do you have to put your lovely hair hiding? For their wedding photos and wear a fake sample hair wigs, just because the wedding photography in your impression long hair like the modeling of the bride will be more like a woman charming? Maybe a lot of short hair the bride hotspots will have this or that, just because he is a head of short hair, in fact as long as you can be a very good shape, short hair the bride's wedding photos can be very delicate and full of aesthetic feeling.

The choice of the wedding dress

In general, the marriage gauze of concise line is fluent, without the adornment of heavy and complicated, highlight the temperament of the short hair the bride clean. Strapless wedding dress is the best choice for short hair the bride, and had better have sequins design, photograph echo with diamond hair band. Besides, strapless wedding dress can better show the neck line is beautiful, short hair the bride to add a little sweet.

Tight one shoulder wedding dress design is neutral, in line with the short hair the bride temperament. Princess skirt of bitter fleabane bitter fleabane that rocks type marriage gauze to small and exquisite bride is the most suitable. If the bride is tall type, long put tail wedding dress is preferred.

Short wedding dress with short hair, short hair the bride is the most perfect, can be the bride's nifty and lively performance incisively and vividly. "But wedding dress is very suitable for short hair the bride also exaggerated modeling, short hair the bride's personality generally will be unique, so you can choose to have creative wedding dress."

The veil how to choose

The magic of the veil is undeniable. Veil usually have a short, medium and long, such as single-layer, multi-layer type. The bride can be under the guidance of a makeup artist in accordance with the face choose to suit their own style. Deserve to go up the crown at the same time, properly match with headdress flower or hair also can have the effect of rendering. General put tail wedding dress optional long veil; Princess girlies neat, short wedding dresses optional short yarn or multilayer yarn; Wedding dress complex type simple optional single yarn.

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