How to make the red wedding dress stylish

by Emma

Red is the Chinese bride's signature color when choosing a wedding dress is sure to choose color, red color is also the most can reflect Chinese appeal.

Whether an ordinary or a stylish bride, may all like to dress in red to add happy in the wedding, but the bright red color, dress is a bright spot in the wedding, wearing is not good can let blood festive dress into a skirt, so the bride must be careful.

The red wedding dress here quite different from the traditional Chinese,they adopted a westernized setting, all of them, and just in detail, combined with China's embroidery, silk material taken. And in other design aspects, such as cascade design, trailing, exaggerated bosom, strapless, will dress sexy and fashionable to perfection.

Wiping a bosom of simple design, match with fishtail skirt, layer cascade folds, is good enough to cover the bride is a very strong body.

Long trailing red dress, the dress is bad to also can appear very terrorist one, the tail is too long, is gorgeous, will add to the bride's walking, and easy to get dirty, but try to have a small tail, too wonderful, and very practical, would not be a red.

The pure Chinese red collocation luxuriant silk more show nobility, and combine with chiffon is more graceful and restrained.

Bud silk joining together of big red wedding dress high atmosphere, deep V highlights women enchanting curve of the upper part of the design.

Red bud silk skirt restoring ancient ways design unique and graceful and restrained, hollow out design on the back of the vogue and sexy, the goddess of the red carpet style.

Design of inclined shoulder width of the red veil, Roman waist collocation floor-length dress tailoring, all show nobility.


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