how to be a chic bride?

by Emma

Yeah,you wanna be a chic and stunning bride,during your days,you wanna catch all the people eyeball,but how to be a chic one?tThat`s a problem.

1 according to your shape

Most important of all, choose one which suit oneself style. First went to wedding dress shop, you can be in the princess type, peng skirt type, and the queen of these four basic styles of each find a try, can quickly find themselves the most suitable for what kind of style.

2 fit your figure

If your dress is not customized, choosing dress, first of all to pay attention to meet your figure, such as: chest, waist or hips, then see if other parts of the right. Also note that choose dress is a little older. If big, change a little bit small is easy, but to make a dress large is unlikely.

3 bride who  (hips, leg is too thick, etc...)

Try to cover with mermaid style wedding dress

Can pick the waist has the inverted triangle line design of marriage gauze, or high-waisted babydoll dress wedding dress design, focus on to be able to transfer the fuzzy vision.

4 Figure too slim

It had better avoid to choose too low bosom or bare high style, lest wilted, can choose high collar or long sleeve in a Victorian dress, can show temperament and sense.

5 Upper body fat ones

With simple low-key grace clipping design as the key point, is too heavy and complicated design, but there will be a kind of illusion, one thousand skirt is close-fitting design, but also will emphasize a top-heavy sense of incongruity.

These choose wedding dress method according to the figure, in fact, as long as usual take more attention to personal characteristics, spoke with friends and wedding dress stylist more, often can choose to fit your beautiful wedding dress, don't blindly persistent one design in accordance with the personal dream, but completely ignores to help attenuate the negative sides of our bodies match problem..

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