Gray bridesmaid dress——elegant and of good taste

by orville

Bride's maid of honor is always green, so you can not wear too bright dresses; bridal stole the limelight in case. So gray bridesmaid dresses become a lot bridesmaid choice. Gray, ocean gray is a great party colors, it’s elegant and not play just for the bridesmaids. Whatever the style, you can put the bridesmaid elegant show up, filling the feminine, highlight the bridesmaids natural curve; without significant publicity.

From the professional level, the gray is not pure color, but wear this color bridesmaid dress would cause look cool and sharp in the bridesmaid is very popular.

As the bride's sister friend, when the bridesmaids to the wedding, what to wear bridesmaid dress naturally by the protagonist decision. Your bride friend weird, love and recognize you wearing his beloved gray dress, is a re-pleasing thing, however, the following breakdown of what the gray dress surprises.

The selection of bridesmaid dress styles are too grand, just like the Oscars of the super star, eye-catching than the bride is taboo.

Gray low-key subtle and will not cause too eyebrows, but the texture and taste do not lose the others, as long as the notes will be attracted.

Gray's particular style exceptionally much, moderation and peaceful color best suited in the style of a big fuss, Siamese pants in 2010 t-stage shine, 2011 is still popular. Doll dress has remained on the sweet girls attractive, faded in popularity.

Gray bridesmaid dress with shiny material more suitable called: Silver. As the body and facial contours reasons, Westerners can better manage this color.

The Asians in shiny silver in color is easy to "eat" into it, so if you want to wear clothing style is best makeup face more prominent, high-heeled shoes is not indispensable.

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