Gorgeous don’t means tedious ——"smart" simple wedding

by orville

      The choice of wedding, many brides put a lot of enthusiasm, hope their wedding as gorgeous as possible, after all, every bride look forward to wear the most beautiful wedding dress on the wedding day, winning the audience looked stunning. However, the gorgeous does not the same as cumbersome. The bride in the selection of the wedding, so "smart simplicity" is the best choice. So, how can we do "smart simple, yet gorgeous and sexy?

       This simple, sweet wedding, simple lines with the older design natural one, decorated with flowers neckline add a bit sweet flavor. This type of style of wedding dress can visually lengthen the body proportions, and thus more suitable for petite bride wore a better curve.

       Simple and neat A-Line skirt design, without any decoration, especially the curved design of the skirt at the bottom of increase among is elegant and lively, cute. Word neckline visually extend the width of the shoulders, big skirt just cover up live a little thicker leg, is suitable for pear-shaped body trouble Oriental bride.


     The asymmetric neckline design is one of the highlights of that subsection wedding. Such as a plump shoulder or shoulder line is too tough bride, you can try asymmetrical neckline wedding dress; can ease shoulder line, also balanced body proportions.

     V-neck is always linked and sexy. The deep V-neck can show not only sexy, but also from the visual look slender, graceful neck curve. The wedding simple deep V neckline and high waist A-Line skirt design, gas field full of quite queen amour.

     Not just lace wedding dress accessories, but one of the great weapons. This wedding is made of thin lace and soft fabrics with double-layer design. Not assertive halter design, creating a like a wonderland Wizard ethereal, beautiful atmosphere. Even if the chest is not confident enough, the same can wear clothing sexy and charming.

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