From style to color to create the best wedding dress

by orville

Wedding color is white, the same as the dress can not be casually with the wedding dress needs a mix of jewelry, the color of the wedding dress will have to be the best match, adhering to this principle, and we should start out with the method.


Wear a wedding dress should be what color to wear shoes? The right choice is white or silver and gold. The bride should wear a wedding dress show people the image of the sun holy, white shoes with a white wedding dress is the most common and most classic match.


From a professional point of view, the wedding dress with to select special underwear. Shoes with, there is often uncoordinated underwear may also not fit, exposed embarrassing situation do not match and the wedding, so it is best to build or buy a wedding dress at the same time, buy special underwear.


Wedding dress with jewelry, for example, a string of pearls chain is very suitable with collar, spaghetti straps, card shoulder, and cup-style wedding dress, with a string of pearls chain embellishment, not only to highlight the bride and neck graceful lines, to add more wedding dress elegant temperament. Not only highlights the graceful lines of the neck of the bride, wedding dress to add more noble and elegant temperament. When the bride wore a halter dress, you can wear long beads to do a variety of changes, such as wear scarves wrapped in the long beads; beads gradient worn on the back of the dress, pearls in hues of natural drape effect, so that the back curve of the bride more beautiful embellishment. If the bride wearing style simple pearl jewelry, you can choose the style fancy wedding dress; brides choose luxury jewelry styles, the style of the wedding dress by elegance appropriate.


The bride holding flowers shape according to the shape selection of the wedding, waterfall-shaped, spherical, hemispherical, triangular, half-moon, and trunk shaped, flower color should be pink, white, champagne-based, and not appropriate to use red. Floral materials suitable for general use such as roses, lilies wedding flowers, the auxiliary can choose dancing grass, baby's breath, and sea-lavender and so on. Carnations, callalily, chrysanthemum, anthurium are not suitable for use at the wedding. The selection of flowers and auxiliary requirements florid wedding theme corresponding.

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