Four tips for selecting bridesmaid dresses

by Emma

Don't presumptuous guest usurps the host's role dress design should't be too obtrusive

Due to match the theme, Bridesmaid gown and the bride's wedding dress should be similar in theme.Also with proper tire and gloves. Both two can use the same fabric, but can be slightly different on style, so can make everyone look very beautiful and not routinist.

Color of the dress try to stay away from whitechampagne or pink is preferred.

For the bridesmaid,The most common color is pink . But bridesmaids can slso abandon common pink formal suit,you have various choices, powder blue, green, champagne gold colour is not only suitable for the maid of honor, also can reflect young women and perfect skin.

Dress shape should be luxurious and elegant

As we all know dress shouldn`t be too routinist, otherwise it will upstage the bride, will make the offence of elders. Outside a condole belt of backless dress, for example, you can build a shawl, appear mature grace immediately. For thin type, upper body dress can have a wavy or drape design, make body plump; Type and plump, waist can choose ring shoulders and big v-neck style, the neck can be stretched, face and body is relatively thin, hem can be relaxed, can appear more thin waist

The material of bridesmaid dresses should make you feel comfortable and convenient

There are several materials:elegant richly velvet cloth, elegant and gorgeous classic lace chiffon, romance, or sending out luster, compose feels dye-in-the-wood satin material, elegant and fit clipping, can foil a bridesmaid and graceful lightsome. Silks and satins always be the first selection woolen fabric that makes you feel comfortable, the simple sense of smooth silk can sparkle below banquet lamplight shine,Besides silk beauty properly, full of bright light outside and not make public, not upstage cover, as well as reveal the beauty of the image.

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