For the countdown the wedding dress preparations

by Emma

Wedding dress is every woman's dreaming, put on beautiful marriage gauze, happiness may begin to slowly rock climbing in the distance. Perhaps this is a plot of the woman, regardless of poverty and riches , all hope have a perfect wedding dress.

Wedding countdown: for a week

The last time, the fitting. Carefully check each part to see whether there is off-line, unfinished details need to repair, the perfection of the final in a timely manner.

Countdown: wedding day

Prepare emergency kit,

Take off, put the marriage gauze mask, do need ironing.

Polished sole (to prevent wedding), list all the accessories.

Now the wedding day!

Let friends or bridesmaid check your dress, see if there is a fold or cable head is loose.

When doing hair and make up, wearing pajamas or don't need a set of head dress. (it's best to wear white, and avoid the color difference.

,letting mother wearing wedding dress or bridesmaid and others to help you. Carefully to face covered well, in case you get flowers makeup look. Don't worry, make sure everything is ready. Wear good shoes, good bag back, wear a scarf and other jewelry.

Don't try so hard, the door. In front of the full-length mirror around before and after, have a good look at yourself how beautiful.

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