Flat chest bride wedding selected three points

by orville

Wedding bride figure highlights the best of the curve, while the flat chest bride, it may contrasting the wedding, seems more skinny. In fact, if brides choose wedding mastered the method can also be useful to feed oh. Take look flat-chested brides choose wedding tips now!

Small chest of the bride, if you like simple wedding, to the wedding more beautiful, then he reluctantly part with it. Although upper body design simple wedding capable of supporting the bride elegance, but the choice of the wedding chest done organic treatment can produce expansion in the visual sense, so that the breasts look fuller and that. Such as chest wrinkled or has lace design, flowers for the bride can also be used to create a chic wedding, so that flowers bloom in the chest unbridled, can increase the fullness of the bride chest, flat chest bride is a good choice.

More critical for the body's waist wedding dress, but also flat-chested brides of choice, especially for the petite bride, high waist design can not only make the upper body look fuller, but can play elongated lower body effect, can Some bride look tall. High waist design can enhance the waist decoration, do not seem cumbersome, but will enhance the beauty of the wedding, the wedding upper and lower body a unique combination of design, so that a more petite bride princess style.

Some brides dress flat chest is absolutely to be avoided, such as the shoulder design is more exaggerated big bubble sleeves or large lotus leaf. The design of the upper body more beautiful, but to avoid long skirt, pants, hair, also do not select too grand veil. And be sure to avoid the selection of a large V-neck dress, which would only expose your lack of stature.

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