fabrics of wedding dress

by alina

Currently, the production of fabrics are satin wedding dress, thick forging, forging bright, lace, crystal yarn, organza, mesh and so on . There is difference in Fabrics between the imported and domestic , Imports divided Europe and Japan ,South Korea. Of course, different raw materials has also decided the different grades and price of dress ! TO series for the wedding, "layer" concept is very important. Our Recommendation: when you buy yarn series,If your economic capacity to allow the case, do not select the following four yarn products. Because if the layer is too small will make the wedding look dry, listless, not quite real, fluffy, light can not reflect the gauze fabric, romantic, full of fantasy feeling. If the satin range of products, the general level of imports plus a layer of thick lining that can be forged to achieve good results. If coupled with a good panniers, will be more perfect and beautiful. The production process is too complex and often superfluous decoration, the viewer's attention to the details of the wedding expense of a wedding of a beautiful mistress. Especially those who piled the skirt encrusted a large wedding flowers look so I do not know where to go. Therefore, European and American Wedding advocate simple, elegant style. Of course, the appropriate beaded, lace, ribbon, all can't be lost

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