Evening dress and chic fashion accessories

by Emma

Cocktail dress you should wear it between afternoon and evening . Than luxurious style of evening dress this dress pay more attention to circumstance and atmosphere.

During the '50 s, people are going to wear accessories reveal specific status, the cocktail party names after that , will put a ring on her right hand, and for married women to engagement ring or wedding ring on left hand practice phase segregation, also because of the use right hand when drinking a toast, wear the ring on the right hand special attention, hence the name.  

Dress is an essential part of cocktail party, women's evening dress is a simple dress, reflect some characteristics of cocktail party, it change style, elegant form, size small, sexy and lively; Although this kind of clothes now looks a little square, it is appropriate to represent the personality of a woman.


Must dress long skirt in commonly knee up and down, with the popular and decide, can be either a type dress but also two-piece, three pieces of clothing.

The fabric

The natural pure silk, brocade, synthetic fiber, and some of the new high-tech materials; Plain, there is background, small decorative pattern mining, the fabric is often used.

Act the role ofing is tasted

Much as pearl necklace, earrings, or hanging style earrings, more than three string used for more formal occasions.


Hand bag, compact model, patent leather, soft leather.


Adornment sexy is very strong, slightly burnish feeling, more formal can choose bright-coloured shoes. Also can bare feet.

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