Dress no matter how daring to be recognized

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    As a supermodel is not just have a pretty face and perfect body, but also have good luck if you are a debut was well-known brands fancy do endorsements, then God is really the attention to you, there is a media and spectators is back welcomed, many models have been selected to the endorsement of the high-set dress and designer clothes, the clothes and then the United States, are expensive dress, jewelry, luxury, I am afraid it is not put off to fast, shot by photographer Mikael Jansson Netherlands ultra- mold stone sister (Lara Stone) vacuum Dew Point large once again successfully won the attention of the world, good body should have the guts to strip when art, natural to wear clothes wearing only the lower body, the upper body is still a vacuum, which is the saw vacuum dress, of course, for the modeling industry leader, vacuum Dew Point is just a piece of cake, recalling the advertising photo shoot can be found not large tracts of open, advantage should show!

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