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    Wedding with the rules, like many brides like to wear white wedding dress with red wedding shoes, and some also wear red socks, a result of exposure time for a lot of people to see a joke, and how to match the wedding, it is recommended that you listen to the introduction of the experts

    Wedding of Chinese people pay attention to the celebration, the main colors are red, even some newcomers to hold Western-style wedding they did not forget to keep a touch of red on their own costumes, often to see a typical wear is the bride dressed in white wedding a pair of red shoes, the look and feel uncoordinated. Also the some Taitailielie bride even wore black shoes or leather sandals, which is not consistent with the image of the bride on the wedding should. So wear a wedding dress should wear what color shoes? The right choice should be white or silver, and gold. The bride should wear a wedding dress to show people the image of the sun holy, white shoes with a white wedding dress is the most common, most classic match.

    Wear a wedding dress should be special underwear

    and shoes with, often the bride wear a wedding dress red underwear, there is also the problem of lack of coordination may not match and the wedding, not fit, exposed embarrassing situation, so it is best in the same time to build or buy a wedding dress, buy special underwear. Currently, many wedding stores have such special underwear for sale.

    Bridal makeup lady type

    wedding bride should be the most beautiful, but this beauty can not be too bright, redundancies, and should be fresh and elegant, noble and holy beauty, bridal makeup should of makeup lady makeup. Some make-up artist to dress bride, in order to "look good", color very Nongli, of the bride was very flirtatious, matched with a full head of Zhuhua, all kinds of jewelry, lively bustling, but does not match the atmosphere of the wedding destroyed pure bride, the sun's image. Bride gloves, head yarn accessories with the wedding should be in line with the atmosphere of the wedding, the most conventional is the choice of white, simple shapes to match.   Wedding the most error-prone part of the

    Western-style wedding bride holding flowers

    holding flowers, often the bride wear a wedding dress, holding a large bundle of red roses, which holding flowers used in Chinese wedding . The correct mix should get Western-style holding flowers. Western shape holding flowers wedding styling choices, waterfall-shaped, spherical, hemispherical, triangular, half-moon, trunk shaped flower color should be pink, white, champagne, not appropriate to use red. Floral generally suitable for wedding use flowers such as roses, lilies, DPM can use an Qingren Cao, baby's breath, forget-me. Carnations, calla lily, chrysanthemum, anthurium is not suitable for use in the wedding. Corresponding selection of floral materials and auxiliary materials requirements the florid and wedding theme.

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