Cleaning and preservation of wedding urgent

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    Romantic sacred end of the wedding, the the wedding gown custom this time we should remind the new people, the timely processing of the stains left on the wedding dress is very important, then, wedding dress how to wash it? If your wedding dress is made ​​of silk class. You need to be aware of, the wedding can not be thrown away is not a one-time pass through in wedding dress custom preservation techniques teach you about the wedding, of course, the best wedding cleaning time, the sooner the better.

    wedding dress how to wash it? Professional evening dress professional save first checks your dress materials, accessories and all kinds of stains, and then customize a special cleaning procedures. After cleaning, he will dress folded on the box. Dress stay the same through a special cleaning and packaging technology.

    wedding dress customized to recommend to you as soon as possible to clean after the wedding dress, or else a long time, some stains on indelible. Will make the dress faded. That find cleaning dress is also very important, many dry cleaners claim to clean the dress, but not professional. So, choose to save the place, we should pay attention.

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