Bring your baby to wedding photographs

by Administrator

Wedding on certain only two people?

    This problem is strange, but strange modern people to mind here, the situation is becoming more and more complex. Not long ago, the boss told me to shoot wedding photos often embrace a child's mother to find them, and dragged her husband once again put on the wedding shoot baby "wedding".

    Listen feel odd, it really is a unique idea of children a woman. When the mother has a sense of accomplishment shoot with a wedding when the bride happiness of another little girl, two feelings have to, you have to bring her husband and baby .

    With children is not easy to shoot wedding photos . Less than one-year-old baby loves to sleep early, so Mom and Dad good makeup, drooling. However, the experienced photographer like this: "drooling original ecological shoot baby is natural". May also wish to cry in fact, the event caught a parents laugh, photos of children crying, but also interesting.

    Is hard "attendant", is said to shoot this wedding film, the parents must bring assistants, some grandparents, some nanny.

    However, in the end was quite happy, children see mother wedding wear , mostly curious and excited, the mother holding the baby feel fresh, are shot and saying: "You grew up around there is another bride myself . "

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