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    Difficulties lies in the selection of the wedding for some brides on the clothing, the bride in the selection of wedding apparel will pick a set of indoor white gauze, a outdoor wedding, one or two sets of dress, as well as one or two sets of features clothing. Studio will generally be the wedding dress into the general area and fare zone, the usual ordinary wedding dress, but sufficient to cope with the shooting, fare wedding dress is the texture comfortable style trendy, if the wedding dress is not particularly demanding The bride, you can only choose to be a common area, are not very simple wedding, after all, is solemnly wedding. But prominent waist and chest curve is necessary. If they are not quite sure, but also allows the dress assistant to help reference. There is a need to try to see the effect wedding hang in there no feeling.

    The bride carefully selected wedding style. And indoor and outdoor, two sets of white gauze should differ. For example, the outdoor chose a large tail, indoors you can choose a small tail; outdoor election Bra, indoor sling can choose to reflect not the same style as well. Evening dress the election up more trouble. Because the body or certain requirements. Plump type bride can choose fluffy skirt and coupled with a shawl, a kind of elegant temperament; wasted bride can choose a the Slim class of dress, but the big flower decoration to emphasize female beauty in the chest or crotch. The colors are arbitrary. When you choose a dress, remember to choose a dark dress, plump type bride can choose fluffy skirt and coupled with a shawl, wasting bride can choose the the Slim class of dress, but the big flower decoration in the chest or crotch emphasis on female beauty.

    Bride can according to their body, the selection of four to five sets of wedding dress consistent with their temperament, choice of clothing must highlight the curve lines, weaknesses, in line with the self temperament. Select indoor white gauze, she is good bride can choose fishtail wedding dress good figure performance in the end, want a more lively picture of the bride can choose a short section of the knee-high wedding, a bit plump bride not to avoid election hanging-style The wedding, as appears to arm thick, short neck. There is to be convinced that their own aesthetic. See their own set of the most comfortable and that's what you want. Forget what others say, because the wedding is the most valuable in their own hearts, future aftertaste up yourself, even if 100 people say bad, as long as you like, what does it matter?

    Select features clothing, according to the bride's personal temperament to pick the lovely MM can choose a princess clothing, the classical light the MM can choose Korean equipment, dignified atmosphere of the bride can choose a costume, you can choose to show Wen Wan Xianjing The Wo installed. Clothing choices vary, depending on personal preference to choose this remind you should not choose a large red longer length cheongsam. Costume election without any taboo. Because Kuankuan big and red tone. Very festive. I prompted, really wear large red clothes, the best lips red little eye makeup should not be too prominent, truly be a costume beauty. Such as clothes. Otherwise seems foreigners to visit the Forbidden City, a little strange ... these can advance to communicate with the make-up artist, to prepare them. The little princess fitted body red, Coronet Xiapei generally have a lot of decorative blue tones, rich choice of makeup.


    new single wedding photo studio to talk about when you should figure out the order of the total number of pieces of clothing (men and women a few pieces of each), the selected clothing area as well as clothing standard fare, and clear wedding whether capable of being launched, the need to pay clean-up costs. Own selected clothing code write down and wrote the contract clear when the wedding dress take? Such as the selection of the dress was stained before pickup or looking for less than the solution with the compensation provisions. All in all, find their own beautiful clothing, love to witness more beautiful interpretation, which will be a valuable asset for every bride.

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