Bridal veil

by orville

Veil, before saying "I do" before the sturdy walls to keep mysterious beauty, is your identity in order bride cocoon rebirth last minute. Then uncover the veil before you, are you ready? Reference to the latest international styles marriage is still with you into the glass light veil world.

The secret of the length

In simple terms the veil is nothing more than a long, medium and short three options. "Easily matching affinities" in the long veil widespread adoption; own "blue blood" of the long veil can show luxury; "Avant-garde" in short veil refreshing degree beyond your imagination.

Medium length - a rich sense of the gradient

Facts have proved that the length can diffuse through the waist or just a fingertip veil most practical, because no matter how tall bride, it can be a good fit, and can easily make the groom "exposing yarn ceremony." Increase in the gradient hindquarters veil is more elongated physique, rich gradation effect, creating light and translucent texture; such as Kenneth Pool this season veil is particularly suited fishtail skirt multilevel modeling.


1. Height 155cm ~ 175cm bride applies.

    2. A multi-level effects veil need some slender style hands took to break complex contours.

Long veil - shrouded type contour

As the length of dresses extent determines it’s solemn, like aristocratic palaces that the length bridal veil wedding represents a solemn divine level. It is a luxurious royal wedding created for ordinary people who dragged a long veil admiration. Now a new trend in long veil, perhaps the convenience of walking to the bride, veil starts to move towards long section of "shadow-type" profile, increase the safety factor.


1. more than 170cm tall bride apply.

2. Long veil need to match the waterfall holding flowers to match the bride dress atmosphere.

Mini veil - a substitute hat and veil

Modern marriage is still respected as simple in people’s minds, and mini veil has its place. The so-called mini because it has a "hummingbird class" weight over the length of the shoulder line, can simply and veil, hat combined into one multi-functional style. Mini veil another way, in the design highlights the bride's good looks, or even bold aesthetic, emphasizing the role of early yarn decorative finishing touch. Avant-garde personality brides will certainly have embraced this model.


1. Height 155cm ~ 165cm petite bride apply.

2. It should be a mix of holding flowers bouquet sleek styling.


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