Bold personality wedding low-key with sexy

by Emma

There are various kinds of wedding dress and different temperament suitable for different wedding dress, today small making up for a bride sexy enchanting temperament in your sleeve, let the wedding you are lazy and do not break nobility little woman temperament.

Hook: three-dimensional lace sexy expensive gas

Past, bud silk only as a supporting role in the corner of the wedding dress, but this year sexy lace, which are superior in quality and fine workmanship of the big European handmade three-dimensional lace become heat, different lace, this lace design is very delicate, have very strong stereo feeling, because it is handmade, each pattern of each thread position are in place.

Usually designers like on the original lace according to design combined with small pearl, gold and silver threads or hot drill to try to adorn, make the whole wedding dress looks full of expensive gas and changing, and women's unique hot air

Tailoring: highlight the waist

Close-fitting, waist is a major characteristic of sexy wedding dress. This year, the wedding dress designer application of draping to make the skirt style with a variety of new changes. In addition to the traditional long tail and large pannier bitter fleabane bitter fleabane skirt design, also the length of the skirt above the ankle, and bare ankle became the bride the most sexy performance.

In addition, a perfect three-dimensional cutting covered with multiple layers of tulle skirt, when moving, the breeze gently blowing gauze dancing, elegant charm of with some nifty lively girl.

Tire: can exaggeration can be contracted

Bride deserve to act the role of modeling is very exaggerated, this year the most popular headdress is flower modeling, streamlined diamonds, etc., some tire even exaggerated block off the bride more than half a head.

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