Bohemia wind revives the bride also natural and unrestrained rom

by Emma

Romantic unruly Bohemian back on the runway, in addition to the holiday, as well as wedding dress. Especially with a Bohemian style outdoor wedding, wedding dress, natural and elegant romantic, more make the bride in the beautiful natural and unrestrained.

Bohemian style, with a natural and elegant, romantic and lace with overlapping flabella is the key element, bringing some romantic poetic inspiration for spring and summer. The reappearance of Bohemia style this season, pay more attention to the delicate expression, increase to an atmospheric and elegance.

Elegant bud, thin white gauze, sexy to restore ancient ways the bride is not just a dream.

Sexy Bohemian flavor, turning a little shyness veiled bride impression. A symbol of the Bohemian spirit of pursuing freedom and romantic is each to have girl love feelings of desire. If can and beloved, put on the most can express his personality Bohemia wedding clothes, hug to each other in the blue sky blue sea, not costly, no regrets, only two loving hearts with the blessings of the frie.


Irregular fold big tail wedding dress, the use of fold accumulation level to create a romantic image of the bride. Action is full of clever changes between hemlines, reduced the big tail heavy impression. And increase the overall modeling of stereo feeling, let the bride like works of art, vivid. Love can turn out to be so simple and beautiful.

A place small trailing dress skirt, easy to less grand, if the design can choose compose full three-dimensional flower skirt, the effect will be completely different... Already out of the monotony of contour limits, also more feminine flavor. Especially suitable for a wide range of action outdoor wedding.

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