Aestheticism in the '60 s romantic Italian wedding photos

by Emma

This is an Italian love trip, only the love journey no longer belong to the bride and groom only two people. In their 60 s as the background, the nostalgic and fashion fusion, is permeated with elegant chic Italian amorous feelings. The maid of honor, family, and flower girls are the protagonist in the lens, use camera to record happy moments. Please together to appreciate the romantic Italian wedding photos gathering inspiration.

Put on a seat contracted white dresses the bride and groom with wearing a suit with a tie in hand before the walls of the restoring ancient ways in the former. Family, bridesmaid and best man and lovely flower girls, coupled with the animals, even can't help to restoring ancient ways is permeated with the '60 s happiness.

Put on a suit One small formal attire of the bride, accompanied by her bridesmaid, completed a set of black and white together to restore ancient ways, dignified temperament completely.

Gathered in guests warm lunch, accompanied by music, the bride and groom dance hand in hand, will be beautiful and happiness. In terms of restoring ancient ways is a word, how can have no black and white photos?

With the lawn with the bride smile at one another, only has the bridal and groom in addition to beautiful, handsome, how can you lack of the figure of lovely flower girls? Antique cars after bride sat down, squat beside the flower girls certainly attracts the attention of the people. eyes seem to each other.

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