7 types of the veil to show the bride lovely posture

by orville

Throughout the wedding dress, the veil and the magic is undeniable. Veil brings dreamy feeling better reflect a bride's lovely. Therefore, the selection of a proper veil, naturally also a top priority. Pretty appropriate veil, but also a symbol of happiness sweet life.

Different veil has its own shape from oval to square. For example, the veils covering her face into a generally square, while the short veil and the veil elbow mostly oval. The majority of the fingertip veil into a teardrop shape. Bride wedding dress according to their face shape and pick and choose.

Lightweight comfortable short veil, very suitable for non-traditional classic design of the wedding, such as tailoring, fishtail wedding dress. Can be added lovely feeling.

Reach elbow length veil, a wide range of easy to wear, can match most of wedding dress. Elegant and unconventional.

Reach fingertip length veil is very popular, there is elongated physique effect; unadorned thin veil of silk effect can be used with any shape of the wedding.

Drag farm yarn, the most popular classic style veil. Although the effect of long mopping exaggeration, but take care not convenient, but only able to fully express this veil once-sacred marriage lifetime feeling. Elegant styling for a variety of wedding dress, from the lovely bubble skirt to fit close skirt, can be competent.

Head yarn with a small diamond pieces, crystal, pearls, beads or lace, etc., various accessories can create different effects: playful sexy, mature noble, pure cute, these factors should be taken into account in the choice of the veil into.

Hemming veil can be distinctive: Whether it is a seamless edge modern design, coupled with chromic ribbon or bow or hemming, can add to the whole shape of a dazzling place.

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