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If the bride decided to organize a night in the summer refreshing outdoor wedding, or facing the evening sun's afterglow into the wedding hall, then we need to customize the wedding dress fabric material on spend some thought of! Indispensable wedding party prom night, as bride "home game" for you, by all means to win the night "Dancing Queen" the name! starlight has to do more than shine, than the moon but also charming, wherever you go, are like a big star under the spotlight, such set thousands of pet dress, shiny wedding dress you choose can be achieved only wish!

Queen's super lightweight crown + big skirt, hold the "big scene"

A perfect wedding dress, the front will be amazing, the back will be amazing! Of course, the size of the crown, skirt sense of volume will determine your gas field, drag to hold the line long skirt wedding oversized lineup very appropriate, in the huge the wedding scene, it will help you the most light reflection.

Shiny satin


Silk variety, one of the most suitable is a shining big skirt can emit pearl luster pearl satin, it is crisp texture, without too much panniers and hard yarn, we can achieve the effect you want Pompon.

Body effects: transient taller

Pouring out from the hip line tulle skirt at the end, you can lengthen the visual length of the back, looking forward to the moment tall bride, not only to prepare high-heeled shoes, you can also choose this natural inclination angle of the drag out a long skirt. Suitable wedding venue: You can shuttle in the air full of indoor, another seaside terrace or pool villas, seaside church.

Transparent big bow decoration of the wedding, reminiscent of the classic romantic image of French, and as faint, subtle, understated luxury representatives, more than a shiny layer of tulle skirt made ​​jacket, which makes softer light reflected , and more mysterious.

Shadow shimmering veil

Silver sequins, so as flashing skirt like fish scales and a layer of simple yarn shrouded Uganda, to allow light into the fog of the world, shining light becomes shy and subtle, like the sea against the background of the moon.

Body effects: petite variable abundance

   Huge bow on the chest for decoration, translucent material, on a smaller body mass bride, not only make your lovely extra points, but also the perfect curve of the chest modification. The skirt gloss will have a "bulge" of the diffusion effect; make your "presence" doubled.

Shining black crystal, proud to bring you an S curve

Bow is not the exclusive cute girls, it applies equally sexy goddess, when the bride's body is perfect, the sparkling crystal has become the best tool for extra points, and lightweight chiffon, make you even though "there is material" and also see it to very light.

Gauze bow shadow transparent crystal

Many busty brides are hoping to dress, when the figure show the best advantage, transparent shiny small crystals, can bring you just the right sheen modification.

Body effects: "wasp waist" curve

    Proportion with the fluffy skirt, the choosing of luxurious black crystal, and shiningly emphasize the bride's slender waist. Which is more than using a single fabric to make belts, emphasizing the role will increase a hundredfold, the important point is: your waist visually, is no longer a simple "solid line" let the light shine waist blur, no way to accurately determine how thin your waist in the end.


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