4 Tips to make sense of bridal wear clothing petite

by orville

Every bride wants the wedding can innocent girl image appears in the groom's side, grasp the following four tips, even if you are tall, buxom also able to wear clothing petite feeling.

Tip one: high waist skirt + flower decoration

High waist skirt can create the perfect body proportions; especially visually lengthen the lower body. There are some in the shoulder or chest decorated with flowers; it is possible to further enhance the line of sight, and more feminine.

Vest waist skirt can be a good clean lines of body modification, flower decoration denser upper body, lower body is fragmented and can be decorated.

Tip two: wrap dresses

Wrap skirt fold increase in smooth contours, people seem sexy and full of curves, but also the effect of the line of sight inward, many naturally slim.

 Wrap dresses with beautiful folds to close small waist, with a wide belt, she is naturally thin together.

Tip 3: Highlight sexy curves

Plump figure often has a beautiful sexy curves, the more secretive the easier it becomes bloated, dare show up, the perfect thoracolumbar difference immediately make you "thin" down.

Revealing a beautiful collarbone, show beautiful curve of the chest, waist to close small, tall and more obvious sense of the curve is more significant exquisite.

Tip 4: Increase the sense of elegant

In closing constricted portion, while adding some elegant decorations, such as shoulders and skirt, to create a fairy-like quality.

 Relaxed elegant lace blouse can just make the arm look thin, increase the level of chiffon skirt also adds a sense of elegant temperament, the most important thing is to remember to tighten the waist, in order to achieve slender feeling.

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