4 different figures how to choose wedding bride

by orville

 Every bride is unique, and each one has the most suitable wedding dress the bride. Whether you are tall, slender, plump or petite, how to present themselves at the wedding perfect body, the election is particularly important for the wedding. The following, we summarize four different stature in the selection of the bride wedding requires attention to several aspects, I hope for your help.

Petite brides:

Suitable for medium and high waist, waist discount white gauze fabric wedding dress, waist can be "V" word micro low rise design in order to increase the slender sense. Rotator cuff design to avoid exaggeration, such as large foam sleeves or large lotus leaf, optional small French short-sleeved. Try to avoid too fluffy skirt wedding dress pants; causing the first light foot heavy highlights the shortcomings of short stature. Upper body can be beautiful, varied, veil to avoid too long; skirt can be appropriately selected small tail to extend the lower body's attention, can not choose long skirt. Layers of gauze + tutu princess bride petite model is a good choice, it will made ​​you look exquisite cute.

Tall and lean brides:

 Recommended to choose a multi-level, with a flounced skirt princess-style large to enhance visual fullness feeling; You can also choose the style chest tightening, that will make you look more lovely; choice of the sleeve can be is decorated with lace long-sleeved or long-sleeved, do not worry it will make you look too bloated, they will happen to the fullness of your physique and make you look radiant. To avoid low-cut halter style, you can choose a high collar or with a decorative collar, especially in mermaid hem of the wedding better show the advantages of stature, with a cap cover half the face value plus a short wedding dress is better.

Plump brides:

You can choose simplicity of straight lines cut wedding dress will make you look slim graceful; waist and skirt design should try to avoid complicated, simple is appropriate, too much decoration will virtually make the body more expansive technology, bloated; choose hem slightly fluffy princess style, but not too large; should select a low collar, to V-neck is better, you can make the body lines stretched; decorated with lace flowers should use a thin flat lace. High collar style is not optional, but also to avoid thickness type decorations.

Flat-chested brides:

 You can choose to skip low-cut, with sleeves wedding style, in order to strengthen the upper body adornment complicated sense of visual expansion; waist tightening, clean lines to highlight the design of the chest. Avoid too fluffy Skirt reduce breast uplift visual effects, do not choose low-cut sleeveless dress, so that their weaknesses at a glance.

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